Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Copic tutorial of Magnolia's Shabby Chic Tilda Sitting in blue and white

First I would like to say thank you to my followers, that’s right I just realised I have three followers!!! Thank you for coming along and looking at my blog.

Today I am going to have a go at writing a tutorial.

It is a little bit scary as I have not done this before! I have chosen the Shabby Chic Tilda Sitting from Sir Stampalot and I am going to colour her in blue and white with Copic pens.

To start, I am going to have my shadow on the left side. I know I should put the mark (I use scissors) on the right side but that confesses me so I put it on the same side as I am going to shadow. For the face, arms and tummy, I lay down a small section of E51.You don’t need to much just use the tip of your pen.

Then I will add E50 going over the top of the E51 and outwards.

Then I lay down E00 and go over the top of the other colours in small circle movements to
blend the colours and get rid of any lines.

To finish this section I colour two small circles in R11 for the cheeks and blend them over with E00.

For the Hair I start with E47 and put down small strokes on the stamped lines and where I think it needs to be dark (under the hair band and under the neck).

I then do the same again with E37

And E57

To finish this section I blend over the hair section in small circles with E35.

Next I am going to do the hair band and the jeans.

First with the very tip of the pen, go over all of the lines with B97. Then lay down B95 in small strokes going over the B97 and out to the right.

To finish lay down B93 and blend it using small circulars movements over the other two colours until all of the lines are gone or you think the shadow looks right. Try not to use too much ink as this could run into the area you want white. If this happens don’t worry. Wait until the colour is dry and it can be removed by using the chisel end of 0 and pushing gently back towards the colour. It may take a few tries but it should come out in the end.

For the top I coloured the spots in with B93 and added a little shadow around the arms, under the neck and at the bottom with C1. I try to use C1 when I am going to leave something white as I think it needs something to define and lift it.

I also wanted to leave the shoes white, but I felt they needed to be a little darker so I used C3 for the soles and the laces area.

I then used a white gel pen to colour the white spots on hair band and her belt. Then I add some highlights. I just go around and put the white where I think the light may make a shine.

Lastly I went over the belt buckle and the wings with a silver gel pen and sprinkled it with Gold Tinsel, 'Heat it Up' embossing powder, which I heated with a heat gun.

Caution I have done this before and I know it works ok, but you should check on another piece of paper before you do this. Also my pen is fine but I don’t know if doing this may cause fumes with other pens, so be careful.

And here she is all finished!

I will put up the items used for the card on my next page.

Wow that was a long post, sorry.

I hope that it helps others to enjoy stamping as much as I do.


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  1. Love this...great tutorial...especially for my new pens I received today.. Yay! Thanks for taking the time to do this tut.